Sunday, 19 January 2014

Week beginning 20th Jan

What's on?

Y11 - Your mock exam is on Thursday of this week, P4 + P5. Your revision should include LISTENING to the set works. Remember you can find them all on the QuarrydaleMusic YouTube channel by following this link...
- Your homework (chopin questions, scroll down to see them) is due inon Thursday. Complete themas part of your revision.

Y13 - Your mock exam is P1 + P2 on Monday morning. Bit to late to say anything other than good luck!

INSTRUMENTAL LESSONS - Much better attendance last week, don't forget to check the timetables nice and early and turn up to your lesson on time.
Visiting music teachers
Clubs / Extra support
Break/Lunch priority
Monday 20th
Violin / Brass
Y11 recording @ 3
Tuesday 21st
Woodwind / Vocals
Choir @ 3 open to all
Closed for rehearsals
Wednesday 22nd
Woodwind / Brass
School Band @ 3 open to all
Y11 composition @3
Thursday 23rd
Guitar / Brass / Drums
Y11 higher grade support @ 3
Friday 24th

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