Thursday, 9 January 2014

Y11 Homework - Due in Tuesday 14th January

Test Yourself 
Answer in a way that helps you remember the question. Try doing these without referring to your notes. Do some revision first!

1. Why is this piano prelude by Chopin nicknamed 'The raindrop prelude'?
2. Describe the basic outline of the structure of the piece.
3. How are contrasting moods achieved in sections A and B (at least 3 points)
4. Name two keyboard techniques needed for an expressive interpretation of this piece.
5. Name the two main keys used in this piece.
6. Which note is used throughout the piece as a representation of the falling raindrops?
7. Name two different ornaments used in the music?
8. What name is given to the texture in this music
9. What is the relationship of C# minor to Db major?

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